Execupay Report Delivery Set Up

Report delivery is now a key piece of HUB for Execupay bureaus.

In order to offer report delivery through Shugo there are a few steps:
  1. Install our FGX software, which handles reading reports out of Execupay’s database
  2. Install our historical report extract utility, used to migrate historical reports from Execupay to Shugo.
  3. Once both are installed on your Execupay database server, there are a number of steps to follow within Execupay to turn on report delivery. Following turning on report delivery within Execupay, there are settings and features within FileGuardian to address.
Click here to read the full report delivery setup guide.


Shugo_Report_Delivery_Set_Up_for_Execupay.pdf Shugo_Report_Delivery_Set_Up_for_Execupay.pdf

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