Payroll and Quarterly Report Delivery in HUB


HUB has now extended report delivery to the list of services offered to its users. In addition to pay stubs and W2s, HUB users can now expect to receive proactive notification that their payroll and quarterly reports are now available through. This guide walks through the user’s experience of receiving notification their payroll report is available and accessing it.
  1. Email Notification Payroll Report is Available: HUB users receive email notifications once their payroll reports are available for download.  The email provides a link the HUB user will click to view/download their report within HUB.
  2. Access Code/Password Entry: Once the HUB user clicks on the link within their notification email, they are prompted to enter their HUB access code.
  3. HUB Access to Reports: Upon entering their access code, they are now in HUB. Similarly to paystubs and W2s, there are a number of ways to access their report: they can simply view it, download it or download it as an encrypted PDF.
  4. History Tab within HUB: HUB users will access the “History” tab to view their previous payroll reports, quarterlies, pay stubs, W2’s, etc.  There is also a search feature should they want to search by date or keyword.
  5. HUB Home Page: HUB users will now see “My Payroll Reports” within the homepage of HUB, this will have the most recent reports and quarterlies available front and center. And when need be, they can visit the “History” area to view further previous reports, paystubs, W2’s, etc.

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