Where did the New Hire(s) menu item go?

Great question and here’s the skinny.  The New Hire(s) menu item has now been replaced with the HR Menu since electronic employee onboarding is just one function of overall HR.

Here’s how HUB looked prior to 10/15/2017


Here’s how HUB looks now with the new HR menu:

HUB HR - Menu Item


To ease the transition and help your clients understand how to access FLIGHT, we’ve included a note sharing that the new hire dashboard is now accessible under the HR section:

HUB HR - Note


As you'll see, the new hire dashboard is alive and well:

HUB HR - New Hire Dashboard


And do not forget that the New Hire Dashboard has always been, and will continue to be, accessible from HUB’s homepage directly, simply by using the “Administer” area.

HUB Home - New Hire Dashboard


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