HUB Employee Activation Walkthrough


Once HUB has been turned on for a company, each of the employees within the company receive an automated email letting them know HUB has been made available to them and they have to complete their activation in order to access HUB and the resources within. This guide walks through the employee’s experience once receiving the email notification.

Employee Activation Workflow

  1. Notification: Once HUB have been enabled for an employee and their activation data is present (SSN, DOB and home address zip code) they receive email notification that their HUB account has been created and they need to click on the link to activate their account. They have 72 hours to activate their account, should they miss this window the HUB administrator can regenerate the email notification or the employee can go through the activation process when they receive their first pay stub.
  2. Verification: Once the link is clicked, the employee is prompted to verify their account by providing the last four of their SSN, their home address zip code and their date of birth.
    Once the three fields have been populated, the employee will click “next”.
  3. Activation: The final step involves the employee selecting their gender and creating their permanent HUB password.
    Note: For enhanced security, we recommend passwords be greater than 8 characters and include a special character and number.
  4. Successful Activation: Upon activation, the employee is provided with a set of useful “Next Steps”. For entry into HUB, the employee simply clicks the “Enter HUB” button.
  5. Entry into HUB: The employee is now free to navigate throughout HUB.
  6. Confirmation: Employees receive an email confirmation once they have successfully activated HUB which includes some helpful account and follow up information.

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