Historical Pay Stubs Not Posting for Some Employees (Execupay)


By default, historical pay stubs are posted to HUB either at 9pm the evening HUB is first enabled for the company or when the "post reports" button is clicked, whichever occurs first.  


If historical pay stubs have come over to HUB for all employees except a few employees, the reason most likely is because these employees were added to HUB after the historical pay stubs were sent over to HUB. 


To get the historical pay stubs for these employees to come over to HUB, you will need to use the “Reinit Reports” button on the SHUGO screen.   If you'd like the historical stubs to load immediately, click the "Post Reports" button.  If they do not need to post immediately then they will be posted automatically at 9pm this evening.



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