How to research missing employee pay stubs in HUB (Execupay)

Execupay uses the "distributed pay stubs" feature to post pay stubs to HUB for delivery to employees.  When pay stubs have not been sent to employees, it either means that either the distributed pay stub were not created for the payroll or that they did not upload to HUB.

This article walks through the steps to take to identify why the pay stubs weren't sent to employees and what steps to take to get them delivered.

Note: Execupay only posts regular pay stubs to HUB.  It does not deliver manual, void, or other types of checks.

Step 1: Check the Report Library

Open the Report Library -> Distributed Pay Stubs tab in Execupay.  Are pay stubs showing for this payroll?

Step 2: If pay stubs are missing from the Distributed Pay Stubs tab

  1. If this client is new to HUB, double-check their setup in Execupay.  Please refer to the Paystub Delivery section of the Execupay setup guide, posted here.
  2. Open the payroll and reprint it to generate the missing pay stubs.
  3. After reprinting, refresh the Distributed Pay Stubs tab to confirm that stubs were created.
  4. Continue with the instructions in Step 3 below to upload the pay stubs and deliver them out to employees through HUB. 

Step 3: If pay stubs are listed on the Distributed Pay Stubs tab

  1. To post the missing pay stubs to HUB, in Execupay go to the SHUGO screen, select the client, then click "Post Reports".
  2. Wait about 20 minutes for the pay stubs to be uploaded and processed by HUB.
  3. Check the FileGuardian website to confirm that the pay stubs have posted.
    • Log in to the FileGuardian website.
    • Use the search bar to open the client either by name or by company code.
    • In the FGXep tab in the middle of the page, look for the check date of the payroll.
    • Confirm that the check date is listed and that EE DELIVIERIES has a number.  If that is the case, HUB has successfully processed the missing pay stubs for the payroll.


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