End of Year: Delivering Employer ACA Reports to the Client (Millennium)

This article describes the steps you can take to set up your account for year-end ACA report delivery and to upload the ACA reports to FileGuardian for delivery to your client.


1.  Create ACA Report Delivery Email Template: In the FileGuardian website, go to the My Account > Branding page to create a new email template that is specific to ACA reports (1094s and 1095s).

If you already have an ACA email template from last year, you may want to read through it to see if there are any wording changes that need to be made to reflect the new calendar year.


2.  Select ACA Report Delivery Email Template:  On the FGX-Express > Default Settings page, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the email template for the "ACA Year End (delivered to employers)" option.


3. Configure Clients to Receive ACA Reports: FileGuardian year-end ACA report delivery uses the report codes 1094, 1095, and ER1095.  Clients that have their FGXm report groups set up with the "include all reports" option will already be set up to receive their ACA reports.  However, any clients who have their report group set up with specific report codes (e.g. QTRTAX) would need to be updated to also include the appropriate ACA report code based on which forms you will be sending.


4. Generate PDFs: When you are ready to send year-end ACA reports to clients, go to the System > Tax > Year End > ACA Forms screen in M3 to generate 1094 and/or 1095 forms.  M3 will write the forms to a selected folder on your computer or network.


5. Rename PDF Files: When M3 creates the 1094 and 1095 PDF files, it names the files using a format that is not compatible with FileGuardian report delivery.  Before uploading the files to Shugo, you will need to rename each PDF file from the M3 format into the Shugo format:

[CompanyCode]_[Report Code]_[Report Name]_[LastDayOfYear].pdf

The report code and name you use should match the type of ACA document that the PDF contains:

  • For employer 1094s, use report code "1094" (e.g. DEMO_1094_Employer 1094s_20171231.pdf)
  • For employer 1095s, use report code "ER1095" (e.g. DEMO_1095_Employer 1095s_20171231.pdf)
  • For employee 1095s, use report code "1095" (e.g. DEMO_1095_Employee 1095s_20171231.pdf)


6. Move Files to the Shugo Clients folder: After the PDF files have been renamed, move each file into the Shugo\Clients\[company code] subfolder for processing (e.g. \Shugo\Clients\DEMO).

The year-end ACA PDF files will be picked up for processing and delivery to the client after about 30 minutes.

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