End of Year: Delivering W2/1099s to Employees

Come end of year, it’s time to deliver W2/1099s to employees.  W2/1099 delivery involves two distinct steps:

  • Generation: generation includes the process of creating employee W2s/1099s for delivery within your payroll platform and sending them to FileGuardian.
  • Release/Delivery: release/delivery is defined as distributing generated W2s/1099s to employees within FileGuardian.

Unfortunately, since we aren’t experts in every payroll platform we can’t help you with the generation bit, but we’re experts when it comes to release/delivery.  The first decision you’ll need to make is what “release mode” are you most comfortable with:

  • Automatic: immediately following FileGuardian receiving generated W2/1099s from your payroll system, they are automatically released for delivery to employees the next morning (at 3:00 am EST).
  • Manual: the most popular mode, a member of your team must manually trigger release of generated W2s/1099s to employees within FileGuardian.  Manual release can be done client by client or in a batch mode.  Once a client’s W2s/1099s are selected for release, employees will receive a copy of their document the next morning (at 3:00 am EST).

Setting your release mode

To set your release mode, visit the My Account \ Settings area within FileGuardian.

EOY - Release Setting

W2/1099 Status

Within FileGuardian, there’s a specific area dedicated to providing you up to the second detail on the W2/1099 status for your clients.  Simply visit the FGX-Express \ W2/1099 Status screen.

EOY W2/1099 Status

The search options enable you to navigate easily through the status of W2/1099 generation and release.  Three search options are available for selection:

  1. Pending Generation—FileGuardian has yet to receive the employee W2/1099s to deliver to employees from your source payroll system.
  2. Pending Delivery—FileGuardian has received the W2/1099s but release/delivery to employees has not been completed.
  3. Delivery Complete—FileGuardian has successfully delivered the W2/1099s to employees.

Releasing W2s/1099s to Employees

If you’ve chosen a manual release mode, then W2s/1099s must be released to employees.The companies displayed within ‘Pending Delivery’ search mean FileGuardian has received the W2/1099s and they are ready for delivery.

To deliver W2s/1099s to employees, you need to select companies for release.  You may notice that some companies listed are in yellow while others are in green.  Yellow means the number of employees setup within FileGuardian is not equal to the number of W2s/1099s received from your source payroll system (this may signal an error occurred when generating end of year documents or perhaps employee W2s were generated for this client but 1099s have not).  Green means the number of employees equals the number of W2s/1099s received which we call “fully generated”.

EOY - Pending Delivery

To initiate delivery, select the clients you’d wish to release.  There’s a number of links like “Select All”, “Select All Full Generated” (those clients where the number of employees setup equals the number of W2s/1099s received by FileGuardian) and “Deselect All” to aid in your client selection.

EOY - Release Now

Once you’ve selected the right clients, click the “Release Now” to usher the employee W2s/1099s into the delivery queue.  Delivery will occur automatically at 3:00 am the next morning to employees and the released clients will now move into the “Delivery Complete” state.

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