How do I generate W2s in Execupay and get them to post to HUB?

In order to generate employee W2s to be posted to HUB, you will first want to go to the EOP (End of Year Processing) screen within Execupay.  There are 3 steps you will need to follow to generate employee W2s and post them to FileGuardian.

Note: To post W2s to HUB, employees must first have Employee ESS Access enabled in Execupay.  

Steps To Generate Employee W2s for HUB 

1. Go to the "Step 1 - Select (what)" tab.

Select the form named "Federal W2 EE Copy Pressure Seal" in the list of documents on the right


2. Go to the "Step 2 - Select (Who)" tab.

Select the company/companies you want to generate W2 for.


3. Go to the "Step 3 - Execute" tab.

Make sure that you have the following items checked within this tab before generating the employee W2s. 

- Post Paperless must be chosen under the Process section

- Print W2s to Printer for Paperless (file will always post) must be chosen under the Options section

Once the W2s have been processed they will appear in the Distributed W2 screen in Execupay. The W2s will post to FileGuardian at 9pm the evening they are processed or when you hit Post Reports.  If you have set up Automatic release of W2s, they will post to HUB at 3am the following morning.  If you are set up for Manual release, the W2s will post to FileGuardian.  The instructions on how to release W2s can be found in the article titled Deliver W2/1099 to Employees.

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