How to post a bonus check but suppress the email notification sent to the employee for a HUB client

It is that time of year when employers like to show their appreciation to their employees by giving them year-end bonus checks.  If your client wants the bonus check to post to HUB but would like to suppress the email notification sent to the employee, then you will want to put the company in Onboarding mode while processing this payroll.


***Note that the steps listed below will need to be completed PRIOR to running the bonus payroll.  Once the bonus payroll has run and the employer had distributed the bonus checks, you will want to go back in and set the Processing mode back to Live***


To change the company processing mode, go to the FGXm, FGXep or FGX+ rule.  On the right hand side of the summary tab you will see a section that says "Processing Mode".  


1.  Click on "change"



2.  A box will pop up asking "Are you sure you want to change the processing mode?"  Click on "Yes Change Mode"


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