Configuring Client Onboarding Access

Onboarding is a feature of HUB and WorkforceHUB that automates the new hire process. It is not a feature available in HUBbasic.

To enable Onboarding (formerly known as FLIGHT), the partner-level administrator must visit FileGuardian and set their client up with either HUB or WorkforceHUB*. You do not have to use the Onboarding feature in HUB or WorkforceHUB (it can be disabled), but unless you are on HUBlegacy pricing, you can't turn on Onboarding without HUB or WorkforceHUB.

Onboarding is a feature automatically included with HUB and WorkforceHUB

Pricing changes may take affect if you change your client to these products. Please contact your Channel Development Manager if you have questions related to pricing.

Enabling HUB is done by accessing the client's FGX rule in FileGuardian an selecting HUB.

Enabling WorkforceHUB requires additional steps to ensure the integrations between all the components are properly configured. Please read Enabling WorkforceHUB before proceeding.

*NOTE: If you were using HUB prior to April of 2018, you may still be allowed to "a la carte" Onboarding for your clients. If you see HUBlegacy selected on the page above, then you can still turn on Onboarding as an individual feature using the instructions below. 

This guide walks through the process of enabling and disabling Onboarding for your clients if you are on HUBlegacy pricing.
  1. Features/Styles: Within FileGuardian, access the client’s FGX Rule and visit the HUB area. Select Features/Styles.

    Partners need to enable Onboarding for their clients through FileGuardian
  2. Onboarding: Full, Basic (W4 and Direct Deposit ONLY) or Disabled are the three options. Once one of these are selected, Onboarding is instantly enabled or disabled for your client. When enabled, the client HUB administrator will now see the New Hire(s) tab within their top menu in HUB!

    Onboarding can be disabled for clients using HUB or WorkforceHUB and enabled for HUBlegacy clients

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