How to Access an Employee's New Hire Paperwork

If any employee has been added to payroll through Onboarding's paperless new hire process, their new hire paperwork is available in HUB. This guide explains how partner level users can view and download the employee's saved new hire paperwork through FileGuardian.

  1. Once a new hire has completed their paperwork and has been added to HUB, all payroll company users are able to view the signed new hire documents. To get started, sign into FileGuardian, access the client’s FGX Rule and click on the employee’s name in the employee list.

    Choose an employee from the list on the client's FGX page in FileGuardian
  2. Within the list of links that displays for the employee is the "New Hire Papework" link. This link will only display if the employee had used Onboarding's paperless employee new hire process. Click on the link to view and download the employee's new hire paperwork.

    The New Hire Paperwork tab is only available if the client is using Onboarding

    Paperwork can be downloaded individually or all at once

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