How to Access Onboarding as a Client

Partners can access their client's Onboarding (formerly known as FLIGHT) through FileGuardian. It enables you to lend a hand with any new hire paperwork questions. You can even invoke the new hire paperwork process on their behalf.

This guide will walk you through the process of accessing HUB and Onboarding as a client.
  1. Access HUB: Within FileGuardian, use the search bar to select your client and access the client’s FGX Rule. Choose the HUB tab and click the "Access HUB" link.

    Accessing a client's HUB from FileGuardian
  2. New Hire(s): If the client has Onboarding enabled, the "New Hire(s)" link will be visible in the HR tab. Simply click on this item to access the client's New Hire Dashboard.

    Once you are in HUB, Onboarding is accessed through the HR tab

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