How to Delete a New Hire in HUB

The method for removing a new hire from Onboarding and HUB depends on how much of the onboarding process has been completed.

  • If the new hire has completed the paperwork and has been added to the payroll system (i.e. roundtripped), the new hire will have to be removed from the payroll system. Once that is done, the integration should automatically take care of deactivating the contact record in HUB.
  • If the new hire has completed the paperwork but has not been added to the payroll system, you can remove them as a contact on the client detail page. (see Delete a Completed New Hire)
  • If the new hire has not completed filling out their paperwork, you can remove them on the HUB New Hire page. (see Delete a New Hire In Progress)

Delete A New Hire In Progress

If the employee has not completed their Onboarding tasks, you or your client can remove the employee from within HUB.
  1. Go to the HR tab within HUB and click on New Hires.

    Employees in the Onboarding process are access through HR >> New Hires
  2. Choose the name of the employee that you want to delete.
  3. Once in the New Hire record, you will see a section at the bottom right hand side of the page that says Remove this new hire.  Click on this button.

    Partners and client admins can delete employees who have not completed new hire paperwork


Delete A Completed New Hire 

If an employee has completed their Onboarding tasks, but not been added to payroll, they can be removed from HUB, but only by the partner:
  1. Log in to the FileGuardian website and search for the client by either name or company code.  This will take you to the client detail page.
  2. Go to the Contacts listing on the right-hand side of the page.
  3. In the Browse by Tag dropdown, choose "Onboarding".

  4. Click the name of the new hire to open the contact detail page.
  5. Click the "Delete Contact" link in the upper-right hand corner of the contact detail page.


Delete A New Hire Added to Payroll 

Because the new hire has already been added to payroll, a link would have been established between the employee record in the payroll software and HUB.  For this reason to remove the new hire from HUB, the employee record would have to be deactivated or deleted in the payroll software.  Once the employee has been removed there, the integration to HUB should automatically take care of deactivating the contact record in HUB.


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