How to Manually Roundtrip a New Hire

With most payroll integrations, when a HUB admin reviews the new hire paperwork and authorizes the addition to payroll, that triggers an automated process which requires no further action by the admin. However, in situations where the automated process does not work, it is possible to manually add the employee to payroll and mark the process as complete in HUB. The Manual Roundtrip process provides an alternative to the automated Onboarding process. This article walks you through the Manual Roundtrip process.

These steps can be executed by either you, or your client's HUB admin, but this article is not available in the end-user Knowledge Base.
  1. New Hire Paperwork to Review: Just as it would happen with the automated process, once the new hire has completed their paperwork, the HUB administrator is notified there is paperwork to review through the alert area on the HUB homepage; the administrator also receives an email notification the moment the new hire completes their paperwork.

    Notification to admin that a new hire has completed paperwork
  2. Completion of New Hire Process: After reviewing the new hire paperwork, the administrator then adds data specific to payroll. Employee Number and Job Title are optional; and in the case of Employee Number, it is suggested you leave this field blank and let payroll auto-assign the next available employee number.

    Hire Date, Department and Pay Rate are required fields for onboarded employees
    going to payroll
    The admin will need to add the hire date, department and pay information for the employee. To complete the authorization step, the “I authorize” checkbox must be checked and the “Complete & Add to Payroll” button must be clicked.
  3. Additional Options: As a backup to the automated system of adding a new hire to payroll, a payroll file can be extracted from Onboarding, allowing for the manual addition of the new hire into payroll.

    As a backup to the automated process, you can create a payroll extract file to
    upload the new hire to payroll manually
  4. Download payroll extract: Once generated, the payroll extract file can be downloaded, allowing for the manual import of the new hire into payroll.

    After generating the extract file, you can download it to your computer
  5. Manual Roundtrip: Once you have ensured the new hire has been added to payroll, invoke the manual roundtrip process by clicking on the “Manually roundtrip employee” link.
    By clicking Manually roundtrip employee, the paperwork in HUB will be linked to the
    employee in payroll
  6. A confirmation pop-up will ask you to enter the employee number (assigned by payroll) and complete the round trip process

    The last step in a manual roundtrip is to confirm the employee has been added to payroll

New Hire Paperwork in HUB

Once the new hire has been added to payroll and roundtripped, the HUB administrator can view their new hire paperwork at anytime from within the admin menu item. After clicking on the employee’s name,  the ‘New Hire Paperwork’ link is available within their profile.

Access to new hire paperwork is through the Admin tab
All the new hire paperwork is available for the HUB admin, on its own, or there is a ‘Download All’ option.

The Download All option for New Hire Paperwork
In addition, the new hire has access to their new hire paperwork as well within HUB in the History area.

Employees also have the option to download their Hew Hire Paperwork

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