Enabling Direct Integration of Onboarding for Execupay

To enable the direct integration of Onboarding (formerly known as FLIGHT) with Execupay, you will need to enable Onboarding in both FileGuardian and Execupay.

Are You on HUBlegacy Pricing?

If you offered HUB prior to April of 2018, you may be on HUBlegacy pricing and can enable Onboarding a la carte as described in the steps below. However, if you are not under HUBlegacy pricing, then you will need to enable HUB or WorkforceHUB* for your client. Explanation of both scenarios are described below.  
*WorkforceHUB is currently in beta and not yet available.

Step 1: Enable Onboarding in FileGuardian

  1. From within the FileGuardian website, select your client using the search bar.
  2. Click the FGXep link under Features.
  3. Choose the HUB tab and click on Features/Styles.

    HUB products are selected through the Features/Styleslink in FileGuardian
  4. Non-HUBlegacy accounts should select HUB or WorkforceHUB as a product option. Both these versions of HUB include Onboarding automatically.
    HUBlegacy accounts can skip to the next step.
  5. Then set the Onboarding option to the appropriate level, Full or Basic (Basic is W4 and Direct Depost only).

    Partners on HUBlegacy pricing can enable Onboarding a la carte

Step 2: Enable "FLIGHT" in Execupay

Once Onboarding has been enabled within FileGuardian, you will also need to enable it at the client level within Execupay. This is still referred to as "Shugo FLIGHT" in Execupay.

Go to the Company>Client Services screen and add the Shugo Flight Service to the client with a start date of yesterday's date (day prior to enabling Onboarding for the client.) 

Enabling Onboarding in Execupay. Note it is still referred to as "Shugo Flight".

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