How to Deliver Employee W2s Without Storeroom

Typically, the process of posting Employee W2s to FileGuardian / HUB for delivery to employee consists of generating copies of Employee W2s into Storeroom, where Shugo's software would automatically pick those copies up for processing.  If however your Millennium system does not have the Storeroom feature enabled, this manual process can be used as an alternative to process Employee W2s in FileGuardian.

The following steps show how to post Employee W2s for one company, so this would need to be repeated for each client with W2s to process in FileGuardian (either for delivering W2s to employees or to send a copy of the Employee W2s as a PDF report to the client.)


  1. Use the W2 creation process in M3 to generate PDF copies of Employee W2s to a folder.  

  2. Rename the W2 PDF file to use the Shugo file name format:

    The format of the file name follows the same format as payroll reports:

    [Company Code]_W2_EE_[Last Day of Year in YYYYMMDD format].PDF

    For example, to process W2s for company DEMO for calendar year 2015, the file name would be:


  3. Move the file to the Shugo\Clients\[Company Code] subfolder:

    In this case, because the company code is DEMO, the file is moved to the Shugo\Clients\DEMO subfolder.

  4. Once moved under the Shugo Clients folder, the W2 PDF file will be picked up for processing by FileGuardian after about 30 minutes.  

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