Execupay - HUB Integration

SwipeClock partners using Execupay's PlatinumPay and PlatinumHR can leverage the Execupay – HUB integration to provide their clients a more unified experience. This integration works will all HUB apps: WorkforceHUB, HUB and HUBbasic.
This article explains capabilities and provides how-to instructions on integrating the two systems. A printed setup guide is also attached at the bottom of this article.

The instructions apply to all HUB apps and any variations in the setup that exist between WorkforceHUB, HUB and HUBbasic are noted in the documentation.

What's HUB Time?

Please note that in this article, HUB Time refers to the basic web clock and time card functionality of HUB. HUB Time is different from TimeWorksPlus, a more robust timekeeping system that can be used with WorkforceHUB.

Already Running the Integration?

If you have already integrated Execupay and HUB and are just looking for instructions on turning it on for your client, you can jump to the section titled Enabling the HUB – Execupay Integration for Your Client.

Topical Index

This article is meant to be a comprehensive setup guide for the integration, so it's pretty loaded. If there are specific area you need to get to, you can use the index below:
  1. Data Preparation
  2. Enabling HUB at the Company Level
  3. Enabling HUB at the Employee Level
  4. Enabling ESS in Execupay
  5. Timekeeping Integration Setup (HUB Time ONLY)
  6. PPx Single Sign-On

What Does the Integration Do?

Employee Data
Execupay to HUB YES
HUB to Execupay YES1
Timekeeping and Accrual Data
Accruals –
Execupay to HUB
WorkforceHUB – NO2
Time Off Request Sync HUB – YES
WorkforceHUB – NO2
HUBbasic - NO
Timekeeping Export WFH & HUB - YES
HUBbasic - NO
Employee SSO NO
Manager/Supervisor SSO YES, PPx to HUB apps
1- Onboarding data only. With this feature in WorkforceHUB and HUB, new hires are added through HUB/WorkforceHUB and passed to Execupay. However, from that point forward, the master employee record is maintained in Execupay, with a few exceptions. For example, if an employee changes their contact or direct deposit information in HUB/WorkforceHUB, those changes will be passed on to Execupay. HUBbasic does not include Onboarding.
2- With WorkforceHUB, accruals and time off requests are maintained in TimeWorksPlus, not Execupay. This means the employee's HUB portal will have accruals and time off requests, but they will be from TWP, not Execupay. 

Data Shared Between Execupay and HUB

Company Level Employee Level
Company Name Employee Name
Next 6 Calendar Items Level of Access
Valid Departments from Division 0 Home Department
All Jobs (Level 1-5) Jobs
All Pay & Paycode Assignments Birthdate
Doubletime Categories Full or Part Time Status
  Work or Home Email
  Cell Phone
  Active Status
  Exempt or Non-Exempt Status

How Do I Get the HUB – Execupay Integration?

Initial setup requires a database modification to your Execupay account. If you haven't had this done, please contact Execupay for assistance.
You will also need to contact SwipeClock support for enablement of Onboarding, the functionality that allows new hire data to be passed to Execupay. Onboarding is a feature not available for users of HUBbasic.
With the above items are addressed, you can proceed to the next section, Enabling the HUB – Execupay Integration for Your Client.

Enabling the HUB – Execupay Integration for Your Client

1- Data Preparation

The following items need to be configured at the company level in your Execupay account:
  • The Custom Field "Allow Integration" must be added.
  • HUB Accounts Only:  If you are tracking accrual balances in Execupay and want them to appear in HUB, the Custom Field "ESSAccrual" must be added with a string value of YES. This step is not necessary for those using WorkforceHUB.
  • Make sure all Departments, Pays and Jobs have a name. A "NULL" value will cause errors during the data sync to HUB. You must also have at least one Department in Division 03.
  • Pay stubs and/or direct deposit vouchers must be set to Web Post and use the Print by Employee Option found in the Report Scheduler.

    Enabling "WebPost" for the delivery of pay stubs and Direct Deposit Vouchers in Report Scheduler
3- There is a company level Custom Field in Execupay that overrides the default division sent to HUB/WorkforceHUB. The Custom Field is called "SHUGO Active Division" and allows you to designate the primary Division in the "Number" field.

2- Enabling HUB at the Company Level

With the above preparatory steps complete, follow these steps to turn on HUB for your client. All steps are done in PlatinumPay:
  1. Go to Clients ⇒ Employee ⇒ Online Access.

    Selecting HUB in the Online Access page of Execupay
  2. Select the company from the dropdown.
  3. Enable HUB with the check box. This step is done regardless of which HUB app your client is using (WorkforceHUB, HUB, HUBbasic).
  4. Click Save. If the save is successful, Execupay instantly sends HUB the company name, next 6 calendar items, valid departments from dv 0, all job levels, and pays.

    If you get an error message, take a screen shot, copy the error details and forward both to support@execupay.com.
  5. There is a menu option to Reinitialize Company Data and Employee Lists, and to send Paystubs. This will (Re) send the payroll schedule, earnings list, and employee leave accrual balances.

Accounts Using Multiple Payroll Schedules

When a company has multiple payroll schedules in Execupay, the HUB apps will deliver pay stubs based on the employee's designated pay schedule. However, if your client is using HUB timekeeping, it can only track time for one payroll schedule per company. By default, HUB will use the company's first pay schedule, but this can be overridden with the "SHUGO Active PayPeriod" Custom Field in Execupay.

Changing the pay period used by HUB Time to the 2nd schedule

3- Enabling HUB at the Employee Level

In addition to enabling the integration at the company level, you also need to configure the employee's HUB/WorkforceHUB status at the employee level. The image below is mapped to correspond to the list that follows:

Individual employee settings in Execupay
  1. The Division filter can be used to select employees by division.
  2. Double-click on any column header to sort by that field.
  3. Filter employees by Active, Inactive, All or Custom status.
  4. When this red symbol appears, it means the employee's home department is not available in HUB/WorkforceHUB. They will still have access to the portal, but their department will be NULL.
  5. If unchecked, the employee is terminated.
  6. BasicHUB should be selected for all employees if the client is using WorkforceHUB or HUBbasic.
  7. Full should be selected for clients using HUB. HUB provides pay stub delivery with HUB Time, Onboarding and accruals integration with Execupay.
  8. Employee is terminated and will only have access to view pay stubs.
After you save the settings for the employees, Execupay will send the employee data to HUB.

Standard Contacts

"Standard Contact" is a designation used to distinguish managers and admins from employees. This section briefly explains the purpose of Standard Contacts and how they are enabled.
Payroll  Reminder and Cash Requirement
These two fields in the Employee Setup (pictured above) are related to HUB/WorkforceHUB's notification feature. They are designed to remind administrators when payroll is due and how much cash will be necessary to cover payroll.
Checking a value in either of these columns will designate the employee as a Standard Contact in HUB which allows them to be assigned administrator privileges in the HUB apps. This admin role is assigned in FileGuardian and cannot be done by the client.
The click path for setting a Standard Contact as a Hub Admin in FileGuardian is: My Files ⇒ [company] ⇒ FGXep ⇒HUB ⇒Client Admins.
Passwords for Standard Contacts
The default password for standard contacts is the same as other employees (employee number + last name), except that their password is case sensitive upon 1st login and they will not be forced to change their password.

4- Enabling ESS in Execupay

In order for Execupay to deliver pay stubs and other documents via the HUB apps, the ESS/Employee Access needs to be setup in Execupay.

Enable ESS for a Single Employee:

Go to Web Setup and enable Employee Access.

Enabling the ESS functionality for an individual employee in Execupay

Enable ESS for ALL Employees:

  1. Go to Clients ⇒ Employee ⇒ ESS Setup ⇒ Set/Reset Company Security Level.
  2. Give the company "Employee Access" and click OK.

    Setting ESS access at the company level in Execupay
  3. Select All ⇒ Set/Reset Security Level and check off Employee Access.

    Resetting the security level for ESS access at the employee level
  4. Return to step 1 and remove Company Security Level so you will not be billed by Execupay for ESS usage.

5- Timekeeping Integration Setup (HUB Timekeeping ONLY)

The following instructions apply only to HUB clients, not WorkforceHUB or HUBbasic:
  1. Go to Clients ⇒ Company ⇒ Time Integration.
  2. Add Provider "SHUGO" and URL: services.myfileguardian.com/ as pictured below. Account, username and password are not needed.

Configuring the Time Integration for HUB Time
For WorkforceHUB clients, please see TimeWorksPlus – Execupay for information on integrating timekeeping with PlatinumPay.

6- PPx Single Sign-On

Your PlatinumPay Express clients can access HUB and WorkforceHUB through PPx with an SSO. This is setup at the bureau level in Execupay:
  1. Go to Global ⇒ Bureau ⇒ Office Settings
  2. Double-click on SHUGO_SSO_URL
  3. Copy and paste this URL into the string field:

    Setting up the SSO allows your client's admins to access HUB from PPx
You do not need to change the Shugo URL, only the SHUGO_SSO_URL
Provided your PPx user has been enabled for HUB services on the Execupay SHUGO setup screen, a new "HUB" single sign-on tab will display when they login to PPx.

The HUB tab in PlatinumPay Express
This will include the ability to create payroll from PPx:

How to Use the Integration

The following section details how the integration handles exchanging the data between the two systems. Most of these items are automatic and require no involvement from you or your client.

Employee Data Sync

The employee data sync between Execupay and HUB/WorkforceHUB occurs automatically; it does not require any manual push by the client. Employees onboarded through HUB/WorkforceHUB will appear in Execupay within moments of the HUB admin approving their paperwork.
The newly hired employee will also receive an activation email to access their HUB account.

Pay Stub Delivery

By default, stubs for payrolls processed during the day are posted to all versions of HUB (WorkforceHUB, HUB and HUBBasic) that evening4. The stubs are warehoused and then made available to the employee the morning of the check date. Stubs are flagged to post after they have gone through the Print Room Center.
If you would like pay stubs visible to employees prior to the check date, up to 3 days, you can configure it on the HUB ⇒ Delivery Options page.
Any stubs posted to the HUB apps after the check date are immediately available to employees.
Pay stubs can be posted on-demand with item number 5 on the Company Setup.
Stub delivery is dependent on the employee having self-service portal access as well as the stub being set to "Web Post" in Execupay.
Only the stubs and direct deposit vouchers/W2s found in the Report Library ⇒ Distributed Pay Stubs/W2s sections will appear in the HUB apps (retroactive as well). If it's not found in the distributed section, it will not appear in HUB.

If there are no distributed pay stubs listed in the Report Library, then they weren't delivered.
4- Paystub posting to all HUB apps will be set to run nightly via Microsoft task scheduler. Contact Execupay if your stubs are not automatically sending to HUB.

Import Hours via Execupay or PlatinumPay

For users of HUB Timekeeping, time cards are imported in the same manner as users of TimeWorksPlus. However, all time cards and leave accrual requests must be approved in HUB in order for time to be pulled over into Execupay.
New or Edit Payroll ⇒ Powergrid ⇒ Powergrid from TLM ⇒ Verify Pay Period and click Finish.

Importing timekeeping is done by choosing PowerGrid from TLM in Execupay


WorkforceHUB is designed to sync data between HUB, Execupay, TimeWorksPlus and TimeSimplicity. For that reason, it is strongly suggested that the Employee Code field in TimeWorksPlus matches the Employee ID in Execupay. This can be done through our TimeWorksPlus – Execupay Integration or by manually editing the values in TimeWorksPlus to match Execupay.
In order to use WorkforceHUB, you not only need to integrate Execupay with HUB, but also turn on WorkforceHUB per client in FileGuardian. Instructions on doing that can be found in the article Enabling WorkforceHUB.

Where Do I Go for Support for this Integration?

SwipeClock's HUB specific knowledge base topic covers many issues that can arise with the integration. If you can't find the answer you need there, please contact SwipeClock support by submitting a case through our Support Center.


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