Installing the HUB to Evolution Connector

SwipeClock's HUB to Evolution Payroll Connector (Connector) is middleware that syncs data between WorkforceHUB/HUB and Evolution. Once installed, the Connector software enables:
  • Employee data from Evolution to HUB.
  • Payroll items, like the pay schedule and pay types, from Evolution to HUB.
  • Division, Branch, Department and Team values from Evolution to HUB.
  • New hire onboarding from HUB to Evolution.

This diagram shows how HUBconnect facilitates the flow of data between HUB and Evolution
This article specifically explains the installation process of HUBConnect. If you have yet to acquire the Evolution Connector software and you are interested in getting this integration, please contact your SwipeClock Channel Development Manager.

Where are You in the Setup Process?

This article is the first of three related to the integration setup:
  1. Installing the HUB to Evolution Connector – Explains how to install the Connector and configure the scheduled tasks on your Windows Server. SwipeClock normally assists with this step.
  2. VMR Setup for HUB – Explains how to configure the Virtual Mail Room in Evolution for pay stub delivery.
  3. Configuring the Evolution Report Writer and Exchange for HUBconnect – Describes the Evolution side of the integration process.
If you have already worked with SwipeClock to install the Connector and configure the scheduled tasks, then you can skip to the next article in the sequence.

Installing the Connector

The SwipeClock HUB to Evolution Payroll Connector will be provided to you by SwipeClock. You can contact your Channel Development Manager for more information on getting this software.

Before You Start

Involve Your IT Admin
Installation of the Connector requires creating scheduled tasks in your Windows Server environment. You will need to involve your IT admin if you are unfamiliar with the Windows Task Scheduler and how to configure it.
Determine a Location for your "Working Folder"
An important element of the integration is the use of a folder that holds data passed between the two systems. Both Evolution and HUB will export data to this folder so it can be imported by the opposite system. You don't need to create the folder (that will be taken care of during the install), but you will want to choose a location where it's accessible by both Evolution and the Connector.

HUBconnect will check your "Working Folder" for files with data from Evolution
"Thin Client" Evolution vs Premise Evolution
If you are using the Thin Client version of Evolution, then you should be aware that certain pieces of the integration cannot be fully automated. This means you will have to manually save Evolution data generated through the Report Writer, like employees and pay types, into the working folder.

Installation Steps

When you request the HUB to Evolution Payroll Connector, it is strongly recommended that you also request assistance from Tech Support through a support ticket. They will provide you with an installation file. This file, called the ShugoToEvolutionInterfaceSetup.msi file should be saved to the computer where you will be performing the install. This .msi file is commonly saved on the computer's desktop as the purpose of this file is just to unpack the program and run the install.  
Where Should I Install It?
If you are running a premise version of Evolution, it should be installed on the same server that runs Evolution. If you are running the Thin Client version, you will want to install program on the computer most commonly used for Evolution.
  1. Double-click the msi file to initiate the install. A pop-up will ask you to confirm that you want to proceed with the installation by clicking Next.
  2. Agree to the SwipeClock HUB to Evolution Connector terms and conditions.
  3. Select an installation folder for the Connector. It will choose a default, recommended path on the local drive, but you have the option to select another folder using the Browse button. Make note of this folder path as you will need it later in the setup process.

    Choosing the installation folder for the Evolution HUB Connector
  4. When asked "Install EvolutionHUB Connector for yourself…", choose "Everyone" unless you will be the only user on this computer running the program.
  5. Click Next to continue. Please note, Windows may ask you to confirm that you want to run the program.
  6. On the subsequent configuration page, you will need to fill in some basic information.

    Installing the Connector requires an API key & password provided by SwipeClock
  • Environment should be set to Production.
  • Working Folder is where files being passed between HUB and Evolution will reside. The default is C:\SwipeClock\EvolutionHUBConector. You will want to keep track of this folder path as it will be needed for setup on the Evolution side.
  • Enter the HUB API Key and Password provided by SwipeClock.
  • Enter an email for error reporting. This email should be someone with your payroll bureau who can take action when the Connector logs an error. Instructions on how to change the email at a future date are in the section titled Changing the Admin Email on the Connector.
  1. Click Finish after you have completed the configuration and Close the Connector.

Windows Task Scheduler Setup

The next step involves scheduling tasks in Windows Task Scheduler to run the Connector. There are two tasks you will create: one to routinely check for updates to the Connector and another to sync data.
Please note, the exact labels and steps for creating scheduled tasks may vary based on your version of Windows Server. Keep that in mind when following these instructions:
  1. In Windows Task Scheduler, click Create Task. This particular task will check for updates to the Connector software.
  2. On the General tab, name the task Evolution to HUB Cmd Launcher and select
    1. Run whether user is logged on or not
    2. Run with highest privileges.

      The first scheduled task is used to update the Connector
  3. Click "OK".
  4. Select the Triggers tab.
  5. Create a new trigger on a schedule that runs once per day, perhaps in the overnight hours.

    The "Update" task only needs to run once a day
  6. Click "OK".
  7. Proceed to the Actions tab.
  8. On the Actions tab, click New and create a Start a Program task.

    On the Actions tab, click New to instruct the task to run the Updater
  9. In the Program field, browse to the Connector's installation folder. This is the folder from step 4 in previously completed Installation Steps.

    The first task runs ShugoToEvolutionInterfaceCmdLauncher.exe
  10. Select ShugoToEvolutionInterfaceCmdLauncher.exe. No arguments are necessary.

    Your completed Action tab should look like this
  11. Click "OK" on the Action tab.
  12. Click "OK" again on the Create Task. You will likely be asked for your Windows Server credentials to complete the process.
  13. Create the second, data syncing task by repeating Steps 1 through 6 with the following changes:
  • On the General tab, name the task Evolution Interface Cmd

    The second scheduled task is used to run the integration
  • Set your Trigger schedule run more frequently, possibly 3 times a day and corresponding with how frequently you will run your Evolution schedule for the integration.

    You can choose how frequently the Connector checks the Working Folder
    In this example, the task is schedule to repeat every hour.
  • Choose ShugoToEvolutionInterfaceCmd.exe as the program executed in the Actions tab.

    The second task runs ShugoToEvolutionInterfaceCmd.exe
Bureau level setup of the Connector is now complete and you can proceed to VMR Setup for HUB.

Changing the Admin Email on the Connector

SwipeClock's HUB to Evolution Payroll Connector will send emails to a designated admin whenever data fails to sync between the two systems. This email is usually designated at the time of installation, but if you ever need to change that email:
  1. On the computer that has the Connector, open the folder containing the program. It will likely be a path similar to C:\Program Files(x86)\Swipeclock\EvolutionHUBConnector
  2. Double-click and run ShugoToEvolutionInterfaceConfiguration.exe
  3. You will then be able to enter a new email in the Connector's Configuration screen.

    If you re-run the Configuration .exe, you can change the admin email


Integration_Diagram_PNG.png Integration_Diagram_PNG.png

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