W2 Delivery for Evolution

Service bureaus using Evolution can now distribute W2s via HUB. This is done by copying the W2s and an employee list to a folder monitored by HUB Connect*.

Before you begin:
  • you will need HUB Connect installed as well as access the folders monitored by HUB Connect.
  • your client's company and employees will need to be fully setup in HUB.
The following steps need to be done separately for each company:
  1. Using Evolution, generate a W2 PDF and export the file.
  2. Rename that file using the format below:
    <CompanyCode>_EEW2_Employee W2s_<EndofYear>.pdf

    Example: TAP5_EEW2_Employee W2s_20181231.pdf
  3. Create an employee index file containing employee numbers and their corresponding Social Security Numbers. This can be done in Excel using two columns: one with the header "EmployeeNumber" (no spaces) and another with the header "SSN".

    You can use the attached spreadsheet as a template:

    Save and name the employee index file as a CSV (not an .xlsx) with the following filename format:
    <CompanyCode>_EEIDX_ Employee Index_<EndofYear>.csv

    Example: TAP5_EEIDX_Employee Index_20181231.csv

    Make sure you save the employee index file as a .CSV
  4. Take both files and compress them into a zip file with the file extension of .evozip. This is usually done by right-clicking the files and choosing "Compress" from the context menu.

    Compressing files into a zip can be done be selecting the files and right-clicking

    After compressing the files into zip format, you will need to edit the filename and change the extension to the following format:
    <CompanyCode>_<EndofYear>_Employee W2s.evozip

    The zip file must be renamed and the extension changed to .evozip

    If you are asked to verify you want to do this, click "Yes".
  5. Move that zip file to the folder being monitored by HUB Connect. It will likely be a subfolder of the Working Folder called FgxFilesToProcess**. This folder will be automatically created by HUB Connect.
On its next schedule run, HUB Connect will check the folder, grab the zip file and send them to HUB. If successful, the file will be moved to the Connector's Archive folder. If unsuccessful, the file is moved to the ErroredFgxFiles folder.

*A previous version of this article instructed the user to use a folder monitored by FileGuardian Express, not HUB Connect. While either process would still work, this updated process, using HUB Connect, is now more inline with an Evolution bureau's existing integration workflow.

**A HUB Connect update was pushed on February 5th of 2019 that will automatically create this folder.


TAP5_EEIDX_Employee_Index_20181231.csv TAP5_EEIDX_Employee_Index_20181231.csv

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