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How do I change a company code- (Paychoice)?

Changing a companies company code within FileGuardian is a simple, follow these steps: 1. Click on FGX+ on the left hand side of home page 2. This takes you to the FGX+ tab under FGX - Express. Search for t...

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How to set up a contact to receive reports for multiple companies (Paychoice)

When you have a contact that needs to receive reports for multiple companies, you can set them up so that they have one FileGuardian account in which they receive reports for all companies. To do this, you onl...

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How to set up contact as a Client Admin for multiple companies

1. Click on My Files on the right hand side of the FileGuardian home page. 2. Once on the My Files search for Company 1 in the search box. You will want to choose the one for the company record (the one...

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